All the views in this article are personal and are not ascribable to any organization that I represent now (or) have been associated in the past.

Whenever I come across something trending, I generally go back to history to see how it evolved. By looking at history, it helps me to demystify the trend and think logically. I did the same for Data Science to understand what events in history directly/indirectly influenced it to become pervasive in the business world today.

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I’ve tried to summarise the different events in the course of history and how they’ve directly/indirectly impacted the Data…


Doing Analytics is largely a problem that a Data Scientist can solve whereas Scaling Analytics needs more than a team of Data Scientists

All the views in this article are personal and are not ascribable to any organization that I represent now (or) have been associated with in the past.

Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence has made it to the mainstream vocabulary of every senior executive and becoming “data-driven” are amongst the most commonly stated term in the slide deck of most organizations. Yet there has been a constant struggle in achieving success in these initiatives and based on predictions by Gartner nearly 80% of these projects will never reach deployment. If you ask yourself, “Why?” …

I like to decorate my life with words and this is my attempt at defining different states of my mind poetically. The broad theme of all these poems is romance throughout the day (and night) explained using different types of poetic devices.

Concrete Visual Poetry — To Begin the Day

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Every morning — My eyes open to your grumble,
Sheets crumple, mind mumbles while my heart stumbles,
A ray of sun streaks through the window onto my moon.

Limerick — Brunch time

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I open my door-

So mechanistically that my hands,
Do not feel the keys anymore.

I step into a house filled-

With darkness so deep that you,
Feel like you are in a black hole.

I drop everything I have-

Lay inanimately on bed that makes me;
Question — Am I living (or) existing?

I close my eyes, for respite,

To fill my mind with you -

Restless soul feels revived,

A light lingers in my black hole.

Fingers starts to feel your fist,

While my eyes yearns for yours,

A sea of tranquility drowns me-

As your face and…

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Sometimes I wonder-
When I squeeze myself into that lift pensively,
With a bunch of people yet feeling lonely,
Will this lift ever attain escape velocity?
That takes me away from this Melancholy.

Sometimes I wonder-
When I scroll on my smartphone aimlessly,
With my thumb encircling the same apps stupidly,
Will this smartphone ever work intuitively?
That takes me away from this digital Cacophony.

Sometimes I wonder-
When I’m standing in that bus stop; solitary,
With dried leaves swirling around viciously,
Will I ever get that one bus immediately?
That takes me away to paradisiacal Arcady.

And then I…

I’d written about this Mahendra Singh Dhoni twice earlier in my blog under the titles — Brand MSD — The Chanakya of Cricket and MS Dhoni — Power Pack sealed in an ice cube but somehow, he still seems to amuse me after every match. Incidentally, at the time of publishing this blog, India had just beaten Australia in a hard-fought ODI match held in Vidharba Cricket Stadium where Dhoni had played a pivotal role in guiding the team to win (through his pseudo captaincy). The way he conducted himself through the match is the inspiration for this blog, so…

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